Minimum impact, maximum saving

Do you have any idea about the quantity of air that your distribution center is shipping every day? On average boxes turn out to be only half full. The rest is filling material and empty space. That should be different, and will be using Districs. Based on your ERP data, we can calculate the optimum dimensions of your shipping boxes exactly.

This then saves considerably on you costs for boxes, filling material, transport, and handling. 

  • up to 30% less volume
  • up to 50% less filling material 
  • up to 20% less transport
  • up to 20% less cardboard

Workflow Box Optimization

Via first assessment (yours free!) we determine whether Districs may be of interest to you. If the saving is significant enough we will develop a tailored solution for you that provides for a maximum on saving costs and energy; as a consequence it thus may have a positive carbon footprint.

Distribution analytics
Box selection software
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Districs is a spin-off of LIME, the mathematical engineering division of system house Sioux in Eindhoven. LIME specializes in numerical algorithms for large-scale simulation and optimization problems. These are based on sophisticated models and methods, that can also be employed to calculate your optimum shipping boxes.

Over the years the approaches developed by LIME for logistical purposes have been tested extensively and continuously improved making them very robust and versatile. In order to serve clients even better it was therefore decided in 2015 to establish Districs BV, which supports distribution centers with software solutions based on this expertise.