Box Optimization

Excessively large boxes lead to a huge amount of unnecessary waste. Not in the least because of the filling material that is needed to fill the empty space. Moreover, the transport of half-filled packages leads to waste of energy and costs, and to an unnecessary impact on the environment. Packaging can and must become more efficient.


Logistics service providers like FedEx and UPS, which emphasize the dimensions of shipments with their new rates, agree on this statement. And with Districs it will be more efficient.


As one realizes that this situation must change, the market offers new solutions for improving the filling rate. Such solutions are all based on the automation of the packaging process whereby for each order a fitting shipping box is produced. Such solutions are usually very expensive.

Moreover, they lead to additional business risks because of the reliance on the machines. In distribution centers with many different order volumes, a new form of waste arises because the automation has to be adapted to the peak load.


With Districs you can optimize the filling rate of your packages without dramatically changing your current process. Based on the dimensions of your products and the order data from your ERP system we determine the optimum size of your shipping boxes.


This way you can improve your filling rate up to 30%. About as much as possible with a mechanical solution, but without expensive investments.


More with less

  • No high investments in equipment 

  • No significant changes to your process 

  • You know exactly what you will save in advance