Solutions for your complete packaging process


It all started in 2008 when LIME was asked to develop algorithms for optimizing shipping boxes. Ever since, these algorithms have constantly been improved upon and put in to use in projects for several distribution centers in Europe and the United States.

With the establishment of Districs BV, an even more dedicated attention to the market developments has become part of our job, that can be summarized as business analytics solution for optimum packaging.

Sioux and LIME

LIME is expert in the field of mathematical technology for solving numerical problems. It originally started as an activity within the department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technical University Eindhoven and has been part of the Sioux Group in Eindhoven since 2011. The team consists of about 35 people with an MSc or PhD in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Aerospace, Econometrics, and Operational Research. Specialists with a hands-on engineering mentality, who focus in particular on simulation, data analysis, optimization and numerical algorithms,

and production of their products. With over 500 engineers, Sioux enhances or creates the Research & Development department of its customers. Sioux develops, but also supplies parts, assembled modules, subsystems, and completely finished products.