Workflow Box Optimization

Based on your product dimensions and order history, we determine the optimal dimensions of your shipping boxes for your specific case. At that time we also offer an accurate prognosis of the savings that can be realized.



In addition, we provide you with an optimal results software, which allows you to easily select the boxes of the right size for each order. Districs delivers only calculations and software; your shipping boxes are ordered from you regular supplier. Every year we perform a check-up during which we check whether the calculated box dimensions are still optimal for your process, or whether a recalculation might be necessary.


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Which benefit can Districs help you achieve?


Distribution analytics

Determine the optimum packaging scenario with optimized box dimensions.


Box selection software

Integration of our software that selects the optimum box per order. From this moment on, you start saving.


Check & update

Periodic evaluation and recalculation for permanent optimal savings.